Babylon Londroid

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 18:00
London Android

This month we have Londroid at Babylon, where we get together for a couple of talks, food and drink, and a chance to network and socialize with fellow engineers.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: You will need to register on Eventbrite to gain entrance to this FREE event. Registration will open on the 10 April at 10 am & the link will be found HERE:

Cancellation before this time is necessary to ensure someone from the community can take the place. These extra steps of registration have been implemented to assist the security measures in place, to enter London office buildings.

We appreciate you taking the extra time to do this.


Evening schedule

6:00 Arrival
6:45 Welcome to Londroid
6:50 Talk one
7:20 - Q&A
7:30 BREAK
7:40 Talk two
8:10 Q&A
8:20 Lightning talk
8:30 Social
9:00 Event closes


Talk One: LEGO Droid - building bigger apps from smaller apps

Imagine you need to produce multiple apps in a relatively short period of time. Fortunately, those apps are fairly similar - in terms of both business logic and the UI - to each other, though some individual features differ quite significantly. Mateusz's team faced this challenge earlier this year and decided to split their app into the smaller, independent pieces that can later get glued together. Those 'pieces' are nothing more than android libraries, but we like to call them 'microapps'.

Speaker: Mateusz Herych

Mateusz works as the Android Technical Lead at IG in Krakow, Poland. He serves the community as a Google Developer Expert program member for Android and GDG Krakow co-organizer. Coding Android since Froyo. Dad of two 2.5 years old twins that made him more careful about leaving his laptop unattended.

Twitter: @mherych,
GitHub: partition


Talk Two: Building SDKs with Clean Architecture

Ever had to create one or more SDKs to expose your company’s services to other apps? We went through this process at babylon and we’re here to share the experience. In this talk we’ll try to demonstrate how we went from a business decision of allowing the use of babylon services by 3rd party apps, to actually making this happen. We’ll share some of the challenges and phases we went through to get there and how that impacted our code base.

Speaker: Sakis Kaliakoudas

Sakis is an Android Engineer at babylon health. He is heavily involved in shaping the technical direction of the app, be it in architecture, security, performance or development workflows. Before that he was a backend Java guy. Other than that he enjoys sipping mojitos on beaches in tropical islands. You can follow him around on

Speaker: Joao Alves

João is an Android Engineer at babylon health, passionate about sports and technology. He recently started writing about Kotlin on medium and is planning on jumping into public speaking with this talk :) You can follow him on Twitter and Medium as @jcmsalves


Lightning talk: Codebar Android : Encouraging new faces in Android

Did you know there's a global organization focused on helping underrepresented people join the tech industry?
Our talk will cover how codebar works, why it’s important and most importantly; how you can help!

Speaker: Danielle Vass

Danielle Vass (@de_velopment) is an engineer at Facebook, with an interest for teaching the next generation how to code. Daniel Mallcott (@DanielMallcott) is an android developer at TransferWise who is helping to build a better tech community. Together we've been running android codebar workshops for the past year!

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