Automatic Sales: Facebook Ad FastTrack With Lee Moio & Tom Hunt

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 18:30
London Startup Marketing

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When I first heard that the Facebook Pixel could go out into Facebook's 1.86 billion users and literally FIND you customers I didn't believe it.

And then I started spending.

Spending with various different ad types for sTitch Leggings (eCommerce store selling male leggings) and the sales started coming after day 1.

I then started spending with Sneez (SAAS startup), and the leads started coming.

But that wasn't all...

The leads and sales kept coming... but for lower and lower amounts.

Lead costs dropped by 30% and purchase costs dropped by more.

Facebook was "optimizing" based on the data that the Facebook Pixel was collecting.

And as we all know... the ability of a startup marketer to optimise customer lifetime value (CLV) over customer acqusition cost (CAC) can have MASSIVE effects on the ability of a startup to not just survive... but to thrive.

To share the results of over 6 figures spent on the Facebook Ad platform, Lee Moio & LSM cofounder Tom Hunt are running a introductory session to FastTrack you from 0 to competent in 90 minutes or less.

Whether you are an early stage startup founder looking to build a pre-launch list, an eCommerce store owner looking for a new, scalable method for acquiring customers or a marketplace look to build your supply side... Facebook could be the cheapest and most effective channel to master.

But wait a second... who is Lee Moio?

• He's been building building Wordpress sites & play testing PPC for 8 years

• He lives & breaths Facebook Ads and has spent over 6 figures on the platform

• He built and sold an ecommerce business for 6 figures in under 18 months

• Now runs his own Facebook Ad marketing agency

And Tom Hunt?

• He is a TEDx Speaker, Dragons' Den Failuire & Internet Entrepreneur

• He built and sold an online marketplace whilst travelling the world during 2015/16

• Has been published/interviewed on the HubSpot, Virgin Entrepreneur, Shopify blog's

• Most impressively, cofounded LSM in 2015 with Giorgia & Tom C ;)

And why should you care about Facebook Ads?

• Currently Facebook has 1.86 Billion users and is set to grow and the channel is still in it’s infancy in terms of digital marketing

• A very small number of businesses are using Facebook for marketing which is one of the reasons it’s so effective

• We have achieved insane ROI for some of clients that would not have been possible anywhere else

• One of the cheapest traffic sources out there

• Facebook is smarter than the rest, with advance optimisation you can set a desired conversion goal on Facebook and optimise for specific events

This is literally scratching the surface.

Let LSM, Lee Moio & Tom Hunt take your startup to the next level, see you on the 27th...

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