Anti-Songs, Nonsense and Gibberish: Computer Generated Writing

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 18:45
Algorithmic Art

Natural language - unruly, messy, ambiguous .. but also fun, inspiring and beautiful - is a challenge for computers to deconstruct and understand.

We're lucky to have Céline Boudier, known for her inspiring work on CodeforLife and the impressive NAO robot at Aldebaran (Softbank Robotics Europe), introduce us to the surprisingly simple algorithms for generating realistic text

She'll explain and demonstrate:

• generating gibberish and half-gibberish texts with methods such as Markov Chains 

• inverting texts to create "anti-songs"

• generating surreal poems

• a live demo of a talking NAO robot to enact some of the created text

Here's an example of half-gibberish, it works because it can't be completely random:

Flash Talk - We'll also have a shorter talk by Roger on how artistic and technical questions overlap when developing a lip-sync algorithm for ananimation about a therapist / patient relationship.


Please arrive before the 7pm start.

Please also reserve your place at SkillsMatter too:

Skills Matter, CodeNode

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