AI Applications

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 19:00
London Exponential Technologies Meetup

7:00pm Doors Open

Pizza and Networking

7:30pm Tractable - How Deep Learning is changing the car insurance industry

Artificial intelligence has been a very popular expression for the last 10 years, but disruptive commercial applications of it are not as common. Tractable is taking a very pragmatic approach to AI and has been working to solve real commercial problems with deep learning technology. The car insurance is a deeply flawed industry, and Tractable is disrupting it through its own deep learning algorithms and methods.

Speaker: Gio Lotti is currently the Head of People Operations at Tractable. With an MSc from the LSE, he started off as a consultant at Bain & Company, then moved into executive search within the tech industry. He has built leadership teams for the most successful start-ups in Europe and the US.

8:10pm Deep Learning Partnership - AI Hardware Developments

We'll take a look at the latest developments in AI hardware, including ASICs (Google's TPU, Graphcore's IPU, and others), neuromorphic processors (TrueNorth, SpiNNaker, and more), and quantum processors (IBM, Google, Microsoft, DWave, etc.).

Speaker: Peter Morgan is CEO and founder of Deep Learning Partnership, an AI Consulting Company based in London. After studying for a PhD in physics, he has worked in the IT industry for twenty years accumulating some interesting war stories along the way.

8:50pm Aerospike - NoSQL and Deep Learning

As a big treat, we'll be skyping the CTO and founder of Aerospike in from Silicon Valley for tonight's talk. Bringing the worlds of big data, NoSQL databases and deep learning together, after a short introduction to the technology, Brian will be discussing how The Nielsen Corporation makes use of data and machine learning to achieve  real time analytics.

Speaker: Brian Bulkowski is founder and CTO of Aerospike.

After shipping code at high school, Brian became a Lead Engineer at Novell, and then Chief Architect of Cable Solutions at Liberate – where he built a high-performance, embedded networking stack, as well as the high scale broadcast server infrastructure. As Director of Performance at Aggregate Knowledge, Brian had direct experience with the scaling limitations of sharded MySQL systems. ‘It wasn’t hard to see that there was a huge need for a new distributed database, because they all sucked. Everyone was struggling with what was available. That led to the idea for Citrusleaf – which then became Aerospike.’ Further bio can be found here:

9:30pm Wrap up


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