5 : TensorFlow + Kubernetes + Spark + ElasticSearch + Beam + BigQuery + Dataflow

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 18:30
GDG Cloud London

General Monthly Meetup of GDG Cloud London for May 2017.

You must have an RSVP for entry and is first come first served.


Session 1:


Robert Lacok - Datatonic

Machine learning is a very quick moving field and the tools you use evolve a lot. Robert will talk about what's new with Cloud Machine Learning and how it changed moving from beta to GA. He will also go over some new and exciting features in Tensorflow released in the past few months, such as BigQuery connector, and show how to use them. 

Session 2:

Juantomas Garcia - GDE for cloud, organiser of the GDG Cloud Madrid and Machine Learning Spain Meetups, author of the Spanish free software book "La pastilla roja", data Solutions Manager @ OpenSistemas

In the last 3 years Kappa Architecture has evolved a lot. From the Classic Kafka+Spark and now many options and new players like Apache Beam/Google Dataflow. Juantomas will show us how a real use case has evolved and how important it is think to big and different.

Session 3:

Jono MacDougall - Senior Engineer @ Ravelin

Ravelin helps businesses around the globe manage the threats posed by payment fraud, account creation, promo abuse and false declines. Built on a best-in-class machine learning engine, Ravelin delivers accurate results for merchants who want to move past manual review and antiquated fraud prevention systems. The majority of their engineering problems revolve around trying to ask complex questions of their clients data with rapid response times. To accomplish this they use BigQuery as their source of truth and their other data stores (BigTable, ElasticSearch, Redis and a bespoke graph database to name a few) are used to access data quickly. All these data stores beyond BigQuery are treated more like a cache than a persistent store and can be rebuilt from BigQuery at any time. Jono will briefly discuss how and why they do this and why the concept alone is almost as important as the implementation.

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