24th April 2017 - Docker London Meetup

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 18:00
Docker London


6pm - Doors open! Drinks sponsored by HPE and Food provided by Hedvig, AVI Networks, Katacoda and Contino  

6.30pm - Monitoring Microservices on Docker, Jorge Salamero Sanz, Sysdig

First, containers radically changed how you could get visibility into your applications. As developers have started to leverage orchestration systems on top of containers, the game is changing yet again. What was a simple application on a host before is now a sophisticated, dynamically orchestrated, multi-container architecture. It’s amazing for development - but introduces a whole new set of challenges for monitoring.

In this talk we’ll lay out a few key principles for monitoring microservices and the containers they are based on. These principles are based on my experience, but also leverage the wisdom of hundreds of organizations that are currently monitoring microservices with Docker. We’ll address issues such as: Do host-based metrics matter any more? If so, when? What techniques can be used to extract application data from inside containers? How do you resolve tricky issues like greedy containers? When can you leverage container orchestration platform metadata to solve problems? How do you alert on elastic services that are growing and shrinking on-demand?

You’ll walk away with a good understanding of the challenges of monitoring microservices and how you can set your team up for success.

7.15pm - Your secret's safe with me, Liz Rice, AquaSec

You have secrets, like certificates and passwords, that you need to get into your containers without revealing them to people and code you don't trust. There are lots of approaches to secrets management, and some of them are a really bad idea! 

In this talk we'll demo some of the risks, and look at the pros and cons of better options for secrets management and distribution

8.00pm - Wrap up


This meetup wouldn't be happening without our wonderful sponsors!

Docker and HPE have partnered to help businesses transform and modernize their datacenters with HPE Docker ready servers - a hybrid infrastructure solution that is configured for Docker containers, fully supported by HPE and backed by Docker.

Katacoda, Learn Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Native applications using free interactive labs directly in your browser!

Hedvig provides software-defined storage for enterprises building private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments. Hedvig is the only storage solution designed for both primary and secondary data which scales in a single cluster across multiple locations, making it ideal for legacy and modern workloads.

Rancher is a complete, open source platform for deploying and managing containers in production. It includes commercially-supported distributions of Kubernetes, Mesos, and Docker Swarm, making it easy to run containerized applications on any infrastructure

Contino, DevOps & Continuous Delivery Consultancy.

AVI Networks, 30 Seconds to Application Services in Any Data Center or Cloud.

Docker, something to do with containers.

Please visit the sponsors page to find out more - http://www.meetup.com/Docker-London/sponsors/.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 1 Aldermanbury Square