Event Hunt is a Product Hunt like platform for people who want to socialise, learn new things, get new opportunities (investors, free business advise) in the area they are in and also to help to get to know people when they move to a new location. When I arrived to London 6 months ago, I have spent too much time looking for the events that could be of interest to me. Mostly tech and startups related, to meet fellow startupers, get into the vibe, learn new things, explore the community and promote our own startup. Therefore we have started a list on my personal site which we have turned into a platform now, that others can use and become curators of theirs city or join existing one, to suggest events around. Soon you will be able to share events list you have bookmarked with your friends/contacts and filter the events based on tags. We have a lot of ideas where to push this next and there are a lot of unexplored opportunities that standard event sites have not cracked yet, so if you want to help, start Event Hunt in your city or learn more, get in touch. Launch the tour to learn a bit more Happy hunting Marek @sotak and Jana @lesankaaa -- @eventhuntio